Our Services

Equine Services: 

Hillcrest offers a wide variety of services for all horses, including performance horses, pleasure horses, foals, and retirees.  We offer full service veterinary care including annual vaccines, dentistry, wellness exams, xrays, ultrasound, endoscopy (scoping throats and stomachs), chiropractic adjustments and much more.

Equine Reproductive Services

Dr. Kelly Stich is a board certified reproductive specialist and owner of Hillcrest.  Some of the reproductive services we offer include managing mares and breeding with chilled semen.  Many of the mares we work with are difficult to get pregnant, however using the most up to date methods available we increase pregnancy rates significantly.  Using ultrasounds, hormone therapy and experience, we time the breeding of your mare and often treat the uterus itself to maximize your chance of a pregnancy.  We have stalls here at the clinic to safely house your mares while they are being bred.  

Equine Performance

The staff at Hillcrest realizes how important your horse's performance is to you.  We utilize many services to help maximize your performance.  Proper dental care can make a world of difference in horses being ridden with a bit in their mouth.  Chiropractic adjustments can keep the joints moving.  Acupuncture will allow the nerves to function properly.  Properly applied medications can help to minimize lameness.  If problems do occur, we utilize digital xrays, digital ultrasound, medications and rehab to help get your equine athlete back to work.  

Equine Chiropractic Adjustments and Acupuncture

Many of your equine patients will benefit from spinal adjustments.  Hillcrest has multiple doctors trained to adjust your equine athletes to keep them in the correct lead, make them easier to saddle, get them faster in their turns and maximize their athletic potential.  We also provide acupuncture therapy for our equine patients treating things like sore backs, painful heels, nerve pain, chronic colic and many other things.  Let our trained doctors help you to determine if chiro and acupuncture can help your horse.  

There are many other services we offer our equine patients.  The list is too long to list so don't hesitate to ask how we can help your equine family. 



Small Animal Services:  

We provide veterinary care for all kinds of dogs and cats, including family pets, show competitors and performance animals.  We use chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture and herbal therapies for young athletes as well as our older patients with back issues, arthritis and many of illnesses.  

Canine Reproduction

We offer complete reproductive services for getting you as many puppies as possible.  Hillcrest has their own in house progesterone machine to help us time the breeding of your dog properly.  We can get same day progesterone results increasing our ability to know exactly when your dog ovulates.  We work with fresh, cooled and frozen semen.  We also have different breeding options including using a cystoscope for TCI breedings or doing surgical inseminations.  Our experienced veterinarians can help you decide which is the best option to help you get your dog pregnant.  Semen freezing and storage is also a service that we offer.  We often store frozen semen for clients that was collected and frozen at other facilities so that it is here when you are ready to breed your female.  

Canine and Feline Surgery

Orthopedic Surgery: We repair Cruciate ligament (ACL) tears in our canine patients with tight rope and CBLO repairs (TPLO alternative).  For those unfortunate patients with fractures and other bone injuries, we offer repair options including bone plating, pinning and wiring to get them back to their normal function.  Our digital xray system allows us to take xrays of your pet's to get a proper diagnosis and make a treatment plan.  

We provide many soft tissue surgery options as well.  We perform spays and neuters, gastropexy (tacking stomach), abdominal exploratory and many other soft tissue surgeries of the abdomen.  We offer surgery for stenotic nares and soft palate reduction to improve breathing in our brachycephalic (smush face) dog patients.  Entropion (rolling in eyelids) and ectropion (eyelids rolling out) surgeries are also something we commonly repair.  There are also surgeries that are too complicated for our team and we will work with surgical specialists to find your pet the best care available.  

Canine Chiropractic adjustments and Acupuncture

We often utilize chiropractic adjustments for our canine athletes and conformation competitors to reduce stiffness and improve symmetry.  There are also many older patients with pain in the neck or back region who improve from adjusting.  Acupuncture is used for many of the same issues including sore back and neck, nerve pain, and also for abdominal problems.  Our doctors are firm believers in western medicine and we use the alternative therapies as an additional tool to treat your pets to get the best result possible.  

There are many other services that we offer our dog and cat patients.  Be sure to ask if there is anything we can help you with.

For small animal emergencies after 5 pm please call the Emergency Clinic in Lincoln at (402) 489-6800.